Mining & Construction


Monitor large site operations for days or weeks at a time

The Challenge

The mining and construction industries operate dangerous places, with humans performing a wide range of risky, time-consuming jobs. Assessing site conditions, monitoring environmental impacts, and tracking equipment are complex operations that put humans at risk, and take up a significant amount of time. Helicopters can provide short-term visibility, but are expensive, not always available when needed, often constrained in operating at the desired location, and are limited in their flight time.

The PARC Solution

PARC systems from CyPhy Works provide a cost-effective way to monitor site operations over long durations. PARC can be deployed in as little as 5 minutes, for rapid response in the event of a safety-related or environmental incident. PARC can also stay in the air for days and weeks at a time, providing persistent site surveillance. Payloads can include high-definition and thermal imaging, communication, and hazardous material sensors.

Key Benefits


PARC is the only tethered drone for which piloting skills are welcomed, but not required.